Green Lake Firewood offers firewood for household and campground use. Located in West Guilford, ON, Green Lake Firewood provides seasoned, cut and split mixed hardwood (mostly maple, with beech, oak and cherry) firewood throughout the Haliburton area. Green Lake Firewood cuts to standard 16" lengths, but we can do other lengths which would require a special order, with a deposit. Our wood is cut and split, ready for your burning needs. You will not need to spend time re-splitting!!!

Firewood Availble For:

Households (wood stoves & fireplaces), Campgrounds, Hunt Camps, Fish Huts and more.

Firewood Sold By:

The Bush Cord or by the Face Cord, and campfire wood by the bag.

Delivery Area Includes:

Our delivery area includes Haliburton village, Minden town, West Guilford, Stanhope, Gooderham, Wilberforce, Kinmount, Haliburton Lake, Kennisis Lake, Eagle Lake, Drag Lake, Maple Lake, Green Lake, Lake Kashawigamog, Beech Lake, Loon Lake and Miskwabi Lake.

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Questions to ask when Purchasing Firewood

  • What species of wood is it?
  • How long has it been seasoned?
  • If it is dry? Our wood is stacked in cords as soon as it is split and is covered: guaranteed to be dry!
  • Are you getting the measurement of wood you have paid for?
          • 16" length should measure 15½"-16½ long
          • 12" length should measure 11-13" long

  • Wood Facts

    Firewood is traditionally measured by the "cord".

  • 1 Bush cord = 128 cubic ft. (4x8x4 ft.)
  • 1 Face cord = 32 square ft. (4x8 ft.)

  • Firewood Prices

    Our firewood prices are competitive and fair.
    Always Remember: If the price sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

    For "Dependable and Reliable" service, call 705-754-3681.


    Please use the contact form below if you'd like to get in touch.Business inquiries are usually answered within one business day.

    address: 1333 Green Lake Road, West Guilford, ON
    email: gschmid@cottagecountry.net     call : 705-754-3681